Design Services

Feasibility study

VE has a structured approach to carrying out Feasibility Studies (FS). The VE framework ensures that the correct decisions are made, which could otherwise come from poor framing of the project.

To conform to the RoK requirements FS are carried out in line with SP RK 1.02-21-2007 “Guidelines for development, coordination, approval and scope of feasibility study for construction”.

This early phase of a project is where the most value is created or lost.  Poor decisions here cannot be recovered in the execution phase, but good designs can realize great benefits.


VE’s multi-discipline engineering teams work together to provide a high-quality engineering solution to each client’s unique requirements.  We work closely with the client to align their needs with our robust FEED execution process.

We provide such details as functional requirements for equipment and systems, assistance with contractual decisions, collating bid lists, issuing tender invitations and carry out bid assessments for equipment delivery and installation.  We also provide Scope of work definition, cost estimate refinements, detailed project schedules for detailed design and project risk management.

Detailed Design

Detailed design is tailored to the execution strategy of the client by taking the results of the FEED and converting it into a design that can be safely and efficiently constructed.

We work closely with equipment suppliers, fabricators, the installation contractor as part of EPC team and of course the client in this phase and manage the technical and contractual interfaces.

VE’s engineering team has a vast knowledge of construction and installation techniques which is the key aspect of our detailed designs.  Our designs reflect the needs of the fabrication yards and the installation contractors.

We recognize that our clients have high expectations and therefore our engineers work together with procurement, supply chain of subcontractors and equipment suppliers, to ensure the complete project is successfully delivered.

Author supervision

Author supervision is carried out by designer of design (design and estimate) documentations on all construction facilities in compliance with Cl. 34 of RoK, Architectural, urban and construction operation from 16 of June 2001 N 242.

Regulatory approvals

VE has an extensive experience on bureaucratic stage of project – collection of preliminary permissions and acquiring of approvals in relevant authorities and organizations, such as the Health Inspection Services, emergency department, architectural authorities and other to submission to State Expertise or Private Expertise agencies.