VE has completed many complex designs as well as schedule driven projects in the oil & gas industry, chemical production facilities as well as industrial, commercial and residential building and infrastructures:


List of projects done by VE in 2015


“Witteveen+Bos Caspian” LLP/TCO

Cargo Transportation Route for Facilities of the North-Eastern Part of the Caspian Sea”

“Witteveen+Bos Caspian” LLP/ Agip

Kuryk shipbuilding and shipyard repair project (project management services)

OMV Petrom S.A, Aktau

Design review of other local Engineering Companies

OMV Petrom S.A, Aktau

Design and project management services


List of projects done by VE in 2016


“Tasbulat Oil Corporation” LLP

KTO 700 Tie In project, Detailed Design (Tasbulat oilfield, Mangistau Region)

Maersk Oil Kazakhstan

Recirculation Pump and pipework Replacement Project       

Maersk Oil Kazakhstan

Installation of pipe supports to minimize vibrations on Dunga oil field

“Oilteq Caspian” LLP

Engineering, Construction, Commissioning and Handover of new 25km of Multiphase Pipeline Turkmenoi-Tasbulat

“Tasbulat Oil Corporation” LLP

Completion (modernization) of well #37 on Turkmenoi field

“Tasbulat Oil Corporation” LLP

Author Supervision


List of projects done by VE in 2017


“Tasbulat Oil Corporation” LLP

Completion (modernization) of well #37 on Turkmenoi field

“Zhigermunaiservice” LLP

Extension of production base in Zhanaozen town     

Maersk Oil Corporation

NGL System Isolation

Maersk Oil Cororation

Mods on coolers of compressors for hydrate free operation in Dunga oilfield 

“Oilteq Caspian” LLP

Construction of injection lines of the wells #209, 216

“KER Engineering” LLP

Reconstruction of water supply at “resort area”         

“Mehstroy” LLP

Design and construction of new access road


Installation of Sulzer pumps

“Caspian Profit” LLP

Telecom Modules


10 floor residential building in Aktau

“Aktaustroysvyaz” LLP

Modernization of SC “SHUM”

“Optimum” LLP

Granulation process line; Production of KAS-28,30,32; Loading-unloading pads

Maersk Oil Corporation (TOTAL)

Constructability Study- Dunga Phase III