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In January 2018, the Children’s Chess Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan was organized. 736 young chess players took part in the competition, at the age from 6 to 18 years, from all regions of Kazakhstan. 126  medals have been awarded among them.

The first “gold” at the Republican competition, was brought to Mangistau oblast’ by 7-year chess player from Aktau city – Edgar Mamedov, studying in chess school “Debyut”.

The winners obtained opportunity to continue and to participate in the tournament of international level which will be held in 2018:

  • Thailand – from March 31 to April 10,
  • Albania – from 20 to 29 April,
  • Spain – from 3 to 16 November.


Our Company, LLP “Vaughan Engineering O&G” has welcomed the opportunity to offer charitable assistance to the school “Debyut”, supporting development of the chess as a sport.  

We hope, as are participants, for the success, and that they will bring fame to Mangistau oblast’, not only as the motherland of strong boxers, but also of intellectual players. 

Detailed information is given at the sites of International information agency Kazinform, Aktau News and Mangistau